The Characters


Name: Cheyenne Winters
Hometown: Unknown
Status: Doctoral Student
Major: Student Affairs Administration at University of Florida
Current Struggles: Solving three suicide mysteries at Sun Valley University while trying to complete her research study at the campus. Her study and her students are in danger if the suicides continue.


Name: Benjamin Blake
Hometown: Clermont, FL
Status: Freshman
Major: Marine Biology
Current Struggles: Homesickness from being away from home for the first time, leaving his single mother alone; afraid to try new things


Name: Lisa Perez
Hometown: Miami, FL
Status: Freshman
Major: Elementary Education
Current Struggles: Getting to know other students on campus while having to watch over her shy, isolated roommate Gabriella.


Name: Sarah Holmes
Hometown: Athens, GA
Status: Freshman
Major: Sociology
Current Struggles: Coming from a small town, adjusting
to college life is quite the challenge. Staying devoted to her
faith also posts a challenge through college life.


Name: Miyu Kaneko
Hometown: Osaka, Japan
Status: Freshman
Major: Counseling Psychology
Current Struggles: Joining a sorority and finding a job on-campus to make some extra money.


Name: Mitch Adams
Hometown: Newark, NJ
Status: Freshman
Major: Architecture & Design
Current Struggles: Escaping from his past, leaving his neglectful parents behind and trying to make something of his life.


Name: Rachel Davis
Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Status: Freshman
Major: Business
Current Struggles: Trying to fit into a school she only
attended because of her boyfriend; joining the
cheerleading squad and making it as a team member

More student profiles will be added periodically!

SVU Administration

Dr. Jeremy Lambrick
Dr. William Scott
Dean of Academic Affairs
Leslie Dickenson
Dean of Students
Dr. Shandra Giles
Director of Student Activities
Carrie Sullivan
Director of Housing and Residence Life
Tom Brennon
Associate Director of Residence Life
Travis Coleman
Academic Advisor
Nancy Wei
Academic Advisor
Cheyenne Winters

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