“Halls of Ivy” Series Overview

Halls_of_Ivy_Cover_for_KindlePathfinder Cover FrontTrailblazer Cover Front

Sun Valley University: It is known around the nation for its prestige, academics, and customer service. But the university holds a dark secret. A secret that doctoral student Cheyenne Winters sets out to uncover in this college mystery series.

“Halls of Ivy” is a 4-part mystery/thriller series about the downfall of a corrupt university, sparked by the investigation of 3 student suicides. Click on the cover of each book above to go to the book’s respective Amazon page.

This website is dedicated to all sorts of information on the campus mystery series, such as character bios, sneak peeks, release information, contests and giveaways, author bio, and announcements.

Buy Halls of Ivy on Amazon ($7.99)

Buy Halls of Ivy for Kindle ($0.99)

Residents of Oklahoma can also find Halls of Ivy at your local Hastings bookstore, as well as the Stillwater Public Library.

Don’t miss the upcoming third book in the series, Halls of Ivy: Trailblazer, set to release in 2014!

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