Halls of Ivy- Learning Through Edutainment

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Sun Valley University: It is known around the nation for its prestige, academics, and customer service. But the university holds a dark secret. A secret that doctoral student Cheyenne Winters sets out to uncover in this college mystery series.

“Halls of Ivy” is a 4-part mystery/thriller series about the downfall of a corrupt university, sparked by the investigation of 3 student suicides. It is also the tool used for the newest college preparation program being introduced in Oklahoma.

“Learning Through Edutainment” is an after-school program that utilizes college fiction to educate high school students about college life. Using the “Halls of Ivy” book series, as well as a number of college movies and television shows, students will learn to distinguish college stereotypes from reality through group discussions and reflection journals.

This program is meant to assist students in the transition from high school to college through a method called bibliotherapy, which uses books to help students talk about issues related to their social and emotional well-being. Unfortunately, most college preparation programs focus on the academic requirements of college, but ignore the social and emotional aspects, which can be a factor in a student’s attrition rates.

The “Learning Through Edutainment” program exposes students to the stereotypical depictions of universities in college media, then breaks them down to the parts that are accurate and inaccurate so students are better prepared for college life.

See below for a trailer of the “Halls of Ivy” novel that will be used in the “Learning Through Edutainment” program.

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Residents of Oklahoma can also find Halls of Ivy at your local Hastings bookstore, as well as the Stillwater Public Library.

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